Empoli FC - Turín FC

Empoli is not very important city, at least in terms of football history. Yet despite attempts to wealthier rivals to gain the respect and another chance to have Sunday against Torino. He must stand up against former players who now, however, defended the colors of the team.

Empoli are trying to prove that their place among the Italian glitterati deserves, even though his reputation or the existence in the big leagues often determine only the presence of some larger names in the squad. Otherwise modest team tried in vain to follow through on the Tuscan neighbor as Viola and more to worry about relegation problems. You can not miss this season because of Empoli does not experience very fruitful period.

Currently it belongs to 17th place and just 21 points to his credit, making it almost an endangered species. In addition, the small team decided to sell the star and the man to whom thousands of fans relied. Riccardo Saponara longed for redemption its not amazing career, and he heard a call from a neighbor, Tuscany, Viola. Empoli must cope without him, although management is satisfied. Instead, it had brought Omar El Kaddouri.

And the midfielder himself is not afraid of big challenges. In an interview with Italian media he commented: "Against Napoli, who sold me, I feel no resentment or sorrow. The club gave me a chance, but in the end it turned out differently. Now I'm in Tuscany, I try to concentrate on Empoli and further develop their talents. I know I can help the team a lot, that I come to replace the experienced player and the star of the team, but for me this is just motivation. "

With Empoli he still has a lot of work, because his position is not positive. Turin for the match with his extra missing stopper Barba, who was not physically quite right. Guests from Turin are doing, but much worse. They lack for injured players like Molinaro, Obi, Avelar, Acquah, Zappacosta or Carlao. Turin is the favorite, but you might be surprised that it was able to Empoli on him.

For the past five mutual matches won in Turin even once, while the three celebrated Tuscan whole and twice gave birth to a draw. And he wants to atone for Turin as soon as possible, because the current results do not show much optimism. The Bulls last won in mid-December, since then, they grossly fail. In the last round of Serie A scored a draw with Atalanta Bergamo.

The man who pulls the Bull for a win, the young striker Andrea Belotti. Author momentary 14 goals in Serie A, while thinking of primacy among the shooters, but more importantly for him, the success of the team. "If I won the trophy for the best scorer in the league, of course it would have been for me a great honor and a great achievement, but never those goals do not shoot himself. It's always teamwork, so in the first place is always the team.