Bayern Mnichov - VfL Wolfsburg

When he says Bayern duel with Wolfsburg, willy-nilly, a person watching the Bundesliga must be equipped with a single name - Robert Lewandowski. Now Polish striker serving the whole of Munich because he was the protagonist of one of the most amazing matches that top German football league for many years its history has seen. Story attacker, who in the game a year ago at the Allianz Arena jumped in the second half as a substitute in bad condition and five goals in nine minutes, the Wolves dealt a ruthless debacle, ran around the entire footballing world.

Although he presents a similar time from the Polish national team captain we can not wait, but the fact remains that it would have on the top scorer in the Bundesliga last year should give trainees Valerien Ismael attention. "Lewy" never able to establish itself as the last league encounter with Mainz, the only goal decided attractive, except for the procedure does not solve anything in the eight-finals Tuesday's match against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

That for domestic defense, which will probably miss Saturday central defender Mats Hummels, would be the greatest threat to their former player Mario Gomez. German forvard, who was on vacation in the Bundesliga returned from a failed engagement in Italy, but still lacks a former shooting form which dazzled at times his time at Bayern or Stuttgart. In a dozen startups have so far scored only three goals and also because of his shooting impotence of the start of the season is Wolfsburg in the table to fourth from bottom.

Attention, however, will be in terms of shooting goals focused on Saturday, especially on Thomas Müller - the icon of Bayern still waiting for his first goal in the new Bundesliga season, and even the popular Bavor shooter relatively successful in both the Champions League and the German national team at the league stage it poverty. If a player with twenty-five on his back unable to score even enforce against Wolfsburg, offset by its longest running series without vstřeleného goal that counts thirteen matches.