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Beckham wonders exclusion PSG match on a pitch Evian Reuters Sport football expert Michal Petrak is clear. "Alex Ferguson is the best in the number of trophies, I do not know who most of his 49 trophies surpassed. A lasted more than 26 years with the team in a sport that is constantly changing. And he still had success ... "pile up their arguments. This expert Adam NBA Nenadál is adept somewhere else than in football. "The way a football coach can immediately affect the game is minimal, and it is my favorite NBA coach Phil Jackson."

Gunfight Sport: Who is the greatest coach of sporting history? iSport TV Scot Moyes is still the manager of Everton, but is already planning the future of the team in New England champions. A United fans are not enough to stare. One of the club's icons, Wayne Rooney, as appropriate severance according to Ferguson's successor may well go. "The offer of 25 million pounds, can be heard," said Moyes. Rooney, in his book he revealed that years ago he left Everton glad not to have to play under Moyes.

Now the two men met again at Old Trafford. Although both sides claim they are already a bygone issue clarified, it is apparent that the striker could not resist changing the jersey. Repeats three years old situation: Wayne Rooney again strongly thinking of leaving Manchester United. Lacks motivation and is looking for new challenges. Where to end? For rival in Chelsea, he has ... Equally, however, says he is not opposed to further worked at United.