This time, marketing specialists have devised something

There's not. Let the sea come in front of tourists on the beach actual racing machine Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa's Ferrari F138, hanging on the ropes under a helicopter. Ferrari and wanted to symbolically indicate that just returned to Spain to Formula 1 after the initial journey of overseas circuits in Australia, Malaysia, China and Bahrain. Additionally, Ferrari will present at the Circuit de Catalunya, home pet Fernando Alonso, who was twice world champion and winner of 31 Grands Prix on his triumph in Barcelona still pending. Spanish grand prix Formula 1 is returning from overseas introduction to the Old Continent.

Changes in Barcelona, ​​the balance of power? Hero's historic victory over Russia Hardy was replaced between the sticks Huet. He had bad luck but in a totally different approach compared Sborno overseas selection. Americans his opponent played from the beginning, dominated the first third shooter (12: 3), and its superiority also incorporated into the score. Two initial powerplay while still a favorite did not use, but at the beginning of the eighth minute opened the scoring Gionta.

With other chances cope Huet, but even he could not face the great interplay of Americans in the 18th minute when he had an easy role to play in ending Bobby Butler. From the second part of the game is still a little settled, and the French were able to dramatize developments.

First, it was admittedly close third TREFA Bjugstad, but then had to range from 15 seconds to target the penalty box with Johnson Stastny and French long numerical advantage five to three nepohrdli - all before him burned from the blue line Hecquefeuille. Huet then distinguished himself against Moss, another goal of Americans were not recognized due to the shift gate, condition before the final twenty minutes remained therefore open.